Monday, November 15, 2010

Curry Favor With Video

It is always a delight when you chance upon an eating gem when you least expect it, and Curry Favor found in Stamford House is just once of those delightful surprises.

Pauline and I were on our way to a beef appreciation session hosted by the ieat folks, when we needed a quick bite near her office in Capitol.

Pauline suggested this cafe which was relatively quiet and fuss free, and ended up having one of the better ramens in town.

The cafe used to be called Moonriver Cafe and might have served a different kind of fare previously. But now, they seemed to have revamped themselves to be more of a ramen place.

Chashu Ramen

As I was having a slight sore throat that day, I decided to go for something less spicy, and opted for the chashu ramen. As you can clearly see from the photo, it was very immaculately presented, with the pork slices beautifully laid on top of the ramen and broth.

When it comes to ramen, the broth is the key and it certainly did not disappoint here. Very flavorsome and hearty, it was a perfect prescription for a cold day and the pork slices themselves were generously proportioned. Meat wise, it was tender and melted easily in the mouth.

Curry Ramen

Pauline had the signature dish on the menu, which was the curry ramen. As would every japanese curry, the curry itself is hardly that spicy and did boast of a fair bit of artificial flavoring, but then, which Japanese curry doesn't?

The ramen was nice and springy without being overly hard to chew, and the curry broth was well scented to give the entire combination a nice lift. You would think soaking ramen in a curry broth might prove to be too heavy, but here, it was just nice and light.

Pork Katsu

With the curry ramen, you can elect from a few choices of sides. Pauline chose the pork katsu which was a very wise selection. The pork loins was very well breaded and was not too oily after the deep frying process.

The meat itself was very moist and juicy within, and had a wonderfully easy bite into it. Tender would be again the choice of word here to describe it, but with the curry ramen to compliment it, this felt like a very superb ramen dish as a whole.

While I would still vote Santouka as my favorite ramen place here, I can hardly deny Curry Favor some accolades in providing a nice alternative. The decor within the place is very chill out and easy going, and is perfect for a long relaxing lunch or afternoon tea.

Curry Favor
39 Stamford Road, #01-09
Stamford House
39 Stamford Road, #01-09 Stamford House
Click here for the YouTube link.
Click here to download the HD version.

Written, filmed, edited and directed by Silverchef Productions.
Shot and edited entirely on Apple's Iphone 4 and at Curry Favor.
No pork katsu was harmed in the shooting of this video.
"Make You Feel My Love" performed by Maria Muldaur.

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