Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meera's Curry Banana Leaf Restaurant - 24 Hour Prata With Video

Seeing how this has been a Deepavali weekend, I thought I would mark this occasion with another excellent prata place.

This one is also near Upper Thomson, but more towards Mandai area. It is opened 24 hours around the clock, so this makes it a great choice for those looking for a prata fix in the middle of the night.

The actual prata shop is a coffeeshop (despite the restaurant name) found in a shophouse surrounded by a number of car repair outlets.

Although I would still say Sin Ming Prata trumps all other contenders, I do like Meera's for its cleaner look and the fact that it is not so self-serviced as Sin Ming. And, the prata is good too.

Egg and Onion Prata

Speaking of pratas, I like mine cooked with egg and onion. They usually make it fresh here, so there is a certain waiting time, but it is worth it as the prata dough is fresh and the flavors are just aromatic. Not as crispy, but then this is not Prata House at Thomson.

What I also like about this place is they serve it in a metal tray with 2 different curries for their pratas and thosai. You have the bean curry which is slightly sweet and crunchy, and you also have the more tangy assam fish curry which gives it a nice contrast and brings out the flavor of the dough much better.


Thosai, or Dosa, is actually a kind of fermented pancake made out of rice and black lentils. It is a very common staple for Indian breakfasts and is vegetarian as well.

Winekaki, who was with me and is seen featured in the video below, adores it and finished it literally in less than a couple of minutes. Somehow the light and crepe like flavor works very well with the aforementioned curries.

Teh Halia or Ginger Tea with Milk

Something you should try here which is common in most prata shops. is teh halia. It is actually tea with milk that is infused with some ginger extract and tossed like teh tarik to give it a foamy texture on top.

The ginger infusion gives it a nice and punch when you are drinking this beverage and is a perfect companion to your prata or thosai, as it helps to wash down the fatty nature of the foods. Good for sinuses too!

Overall, it is a great prata place to go to when you have finished a golf game nearby or you just simply want to unwind at a simple coffeeshop with no frills. It is not as crowded, but there is always a nice bit of traffic anytime of the day. Try it sometime.

Meera's Curry Banana Leaf Restaurant
910-B Upper Thomson Road

(Please pardon the spelling mistakes in the video captions as the editing was completed as we were consuming our prata and thosai! Will be more diligent in the future)

Click here for the YouTube link.
Click here to download the HD version. 

Written, filmed, edited and directed by Silverchef Productions.
Shot and edited entirely on Apple's Iphone 4.
No thosai was harmed (though they were eaten) in the shooting of this video.


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  5. I need a place like this around here for one of my late night study sessions. It looks like the perfect midnight snack kind of food!