Monday, November 2, 2015

A Culinary Feast of Two Cities - Fullerton Hotel's Jade Restaurant and Their Michelin Star Guest Chef

Fullerton Hotel has done it again. Their rotating menu of guest chefs has produced another spectacular experience at Jade Restaurant.

From November 2nd until 8th, Chef Lai Ching-Shing from one Michelin star YUE from Hong Kong's City Garden Hotel will be collaborating with resident Jade master, Chef Leong to present a feast of two cities.

YUE has a marvellous reputation for coming up with innovative cuisine to earn its Michelin kudos.

Together with Chef Leong, they will present the best of both cities from Hong Kong and Singapore. All of their specially crafted items will be in the standard A La Carte menu, but diners can also opt for a special six course set from the duo of chefs too.

Chilled Abalone in Chinese Wine

I have had the usual boring variants of abalone dishes in superior stock and vegetables/mushrooms combinations, but it is refreshing to find Jade serving chilled abalone as an appetiser with a cherry tomato in pomelo vinegar.

The fleshy pieces has a nice sharp tinge of Chinese wine infusion, and the acidity from the vinegar perfumed tomato gives it that extra brightness to prepare your palate for more to come. A wonderful starter.

Grouper with Truffle Egg White and Fish Maw Soup

This is one dish that warms my heart and soul in more ways than one, and clearly shows the Michelin star is fully deserved. Egg white that has been morphed into a fish ball shape, but elevated with an actual truffle to give it an elegant earthiness to the lightness of the airy egg whites.

The fish is stir fried into a chunky and flaky submission, and the accompany fish maw soup recalls the best milky fish head soup with its creamy texture and ginger powered savouriness. When combined, the flavours dance with the clarity of a balladeer's elegiac mandolin, yet everything that is different is still strangely familiar all at once.

Beautiful and delicate flavours and textures abound in this satisfying bowl. Few Chinese dishes can impress me these days, but this one certainly makes me smile with a sense of contentment, and allows me a pleasurable nod of approval.

Steamed Minced Pork with Foie Gras and Scallops

This is a gold award winning dish in Hong Kong, and the presentation itself deserves a minute of admiration. The flavours are classic Cantonese in its salty incarnation of minced pork, but it is the addition of western elements that makes this step out of it's traditional comfort zone.

It is a most enjoyable dish if the temperature of the dish could have been brought lower. Once it has cooled somewhat, the savoury, rich and sweet flavours finally come through. A challenge on the palate as you try to fathom all the different ingredients within the mix.

The soy sphere adds a touch of playfulness and theatrics to the occasion, and a little interaction is needed to burst the mischievous ball of sauce. This dish may take another visit to fully appreciate its intentions, but I must applaud its conception and its execution.

Poached Salt Water Kampung Chicken

This looks simple and reminds me of what I liked about Mouth's scallion chicken. The scallion and ginger dip is on hand to partner the well chosen yellow hued kampong chicken.

It is straightforward and well executed, as it should be. Nothing fancy this time round, just classic Chinese steamed chicken with a flavourful, kicky dip.


The shaved coconut with mango is cooling and refreshing though it is a bit heavy on the finish. The standouts are the rice rolls and the rose puddings.

Rose Pudding

The rose pudding is beautifully enlivened with rose tea and inside, the bean puree gives it a lovely grainy crunch to counter the gelatinous bounce on the outside.

Lotus Paste and Peanut Rice Rolls

The rice rolls are even better, as they come in a half lotus paste and half peanut puree combination. Both are delightful, but the peanut one just makes me reach for the night sky. Classic Chinese pastries, but refined and elevated to a beautiful dessert work of art.

Jade has an excellent thing going on with these set of items, and count yourself privileged to be eating the plates of Chef Lai. His cooking craft is immaculate and shows the way to move the classic Cantonese and Chinese cuisine beyond the usual trappings.

This is excellent food, easy on the eye, and definitely something to savour.

A Culinary Feast of Two Cities
Jade Restaurant
Fullerton Hotel
1 Fullerton Square

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