Monday, November 2, 2015

Thai Flavours at Gin Khao and High Tea at House at Dempsey

Located in a now more desolated part of East Coast Park, this venue used to be the hive of the area. Where the MacDonalds was the point of meeting for many teenagers decades ago, it is a shadow of its former self.

It is surprising then, that a Thai eatery occupies a large area with spacious seating and a modern but zen looking decor.

Gin Khao has an almost cafe and bistro feel about the place, with none of that classic Thai restaurant trimmings.

The food is also a mix of the familiar and the eclectic, which is fine. With prices being in the affordable range, it is definitely a target for the weekend family crowds. On weekdays, however, it is rather empty.

Watermelon Fried Rice

I was particularly impressed by the refreshing Watermelon Fried Rice, and its wok hei tinged flavours. The watermelon gives it a sweet and uplifting tone to help temper the savoury and greasier elements of the dish. Rather plain in sight, but thoroughly engaging in flavours and textures, especially with the juicy aspects of the watermelon.

Glass Noodles with Crayfish

The classic wok fried glass noodles makes its appearance alongside a crayfish here, and the requisite flavours are all present too. The wok hei is in its element here, and despite the slightly salty overpowering of the taste, it is still well received and comes with either the crayfish or prawn configuration.

Green Curry Gelato and Black Rice

The black rice part is good, almost like a pulot hitam crunch and feel. But it is the green curry gelato that fails this dish. It is a bold, audacious attempt to do something creative and different, but the thought of a spicy and milky combination just did not take off.

Elsewhere, there are other good dishes that warrant attention and certainly, the cook handling the wok deserves praise for infusing almost all the stir fried dishes with balanced and attractive levels of wok infused flavours.

It is only the adventurous fusion stuff that I question, and if they can restrain from experimenting too much, they might just be one of the better Thai eateries out there now.

High Tea Galore

House of Dempsey has recently launched their high tea sets which are available only on Thursdays and Fridays. It goes for a very eye catching rate of $30++. The high tea is served buffet style, but I can safely say that it is the most generous spread of any high tea set yet.

Dozens of savouries and pastries are abundantly laid out for the diner to have their picks, and there are even roasts and sliders among the selections too.

Roast Lamb

Similar to Kuishin Bo's hourly specials, every high tea session will also have a daily special. The one that we got on the day was a rather inviting Roast Lamb that was well marinated and executed.

The location may be a bit far out for those who do not drive, but those that make it here for this high tea will find a lot to be happy about. That, and the fact that the spread bests some hotels' main buffet selections says a lot.

Gin Khao
1020 ECP

8D Dempsey Road

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