Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas at Mitzo - Something Different This Festive Period

Christmas dining takes a different twist this year, at the Canto themed restaurant at Mitzo. Instead of superfluous turkey buffets at hotels, you might just be tempted to go a very different route.

Mitzo is coming up with a set of 6 course menu for the month of December, and another special menu just for the eves and holidays.

Starting 1st December until the end of the year, the Mitzo Festive Menus promises to incorporate the Christmas spirit into classic Cantonese cuisine.

Some of the dishes might not look out of place for a Chinese fine dining set, but surprisingly, they do function pretty well for a more Western style festive season. Take note that some of the below dishes are only available on Xmas eve and day, and New Year's eve.

Trio of Appetisers

The drunken chicken in 20 year old chinese wine certainly merits attention with its presentation and its classic drunken chicken flavours. Flanked by a crispy shrimp coated with truffle and peanut mayo, and a deep fried bonito oyster, it makes for an elegant start to the menu.

Double Boiled Pumpkin Broth

Instead of the creamy thick Western version, this classic Cantonese double boiled soup is just the perfect tasty tonic on that cold winter solstice night. The broth has a natural and delicate sweetness that will provide spoonfuls of comforting respite, and it is further fortified by tender chunks of pork ribs with meat ready to fall off the bone at the slightest of a wink.

Additional textures from the pacific clams and smoky oyster mushrooms gives it further depth of flavour and despite its easy presentation, it is a broth that requires both a deeper sense of appreciation and another round to fully resonate. Available only on Xmas eve and day.

Truffle Mayo Lobster

A simplicity of looks and flavours powers this lobster themed dish. Truffle mayo is deployed to flavour the feisty little crustacean and while the butter poached classic will never be overtaken, the choice of truffle mayo does provide the ability to provoke the ocean notes out of the lobster somewhat.

Available only on Xmas eve and day.

Waygu Beef

Classic Chinese style wagyu beef that has been thoroughly tenderised the Oriental way. A strong savoury sauce to give it that necessary punch of flavour ensures that this is the best Chinese Waygu since Thai Village's.

Available only on New Year's eve.

Chilled Cream of Pumpkin

The dessert borders on some theatrics but it is a handsome way to end this delightful meal. Dry ice smoke gives it a mystic touch while the chilled cream has a soothing and sweet finish to the occasion. More chilled goodies in the purple yeast sago and ice cream makes this a wintery dessert fit for royalty. Only available on Xmas eve and day.

If, like me, you are sick and tired of enduring through turkeys and hams at bland looking buffet spreads in hotels, this Christmas alternative might just speak to your tastebuds in more ways than one.

Personally, I am glad that Mitzo is willing to do something special to alleviate my disdain for Christmas buffets this festive season.

There is at least one hotel this Christmas doing some really different, really special. You just made Santa's special list.

Level 4 Grand Park Orchard
270 Orchard Road

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