Friday, November 27, 2015

The Singapore Flyer Festive Menu - Christmas Fine Dining at 600 Feet Above Ground

Singapore Flyer has become iconic for tourists and locals alike, and this Christmas, they have come up with a special festive menu for romantic couples who wish to spend a lovely night up in the skies with the accompaniment of good food.

From 1 December until the end of the year (excluding specific eve and holiday menus for Xmas and New Year), patrons of the Singapore Flyer Premium Sky Dining Flight can savour a 4 course special festive menu.

The dining experience will encompass about an hour of actual flight time, which is two rounds in the Flyer.

There will be a special host/butler during the dining service to service you, and will include a glass of wine and a Christmas starter pack. It is only available at 730pm and 830pm during this December period.

I was on hand with a friend to get a sneak preview of this menu and it is a very competent set of dishes. Whilst there is nothing groundbreaking, the choice of menu items does fit in very well with the breathtaking flight experience.

Yuzu Crab Salad

This simple but elegant starter will get you off on the perfect note. A refreshing and zesty set of flavours to complement the sweetness of the crab, served on a thin toast crisp.

Butternut Soup

The butternut soup is classic and perfectly executed. Creamy and smooth all the way, the addition of truffle oil is the only detraction for me. But even so, it is not overly pungent and the soup itself is the highlight, and the combination of sweetness, savoury and a slight bitter nutty tone is a winning combination.

Wagyu Beef Brisket

There is a choice of either beef or chicken for the mains, and my pick has to go to the Waygu Beef Brisket. Served on a bed of almost too smooth parsnip puree, it is as traditional as it gets.

The beef is well braised with a delicious jus, and the fork tender beef has that robust flavour going through each muscle of the brisket. Horseradish broccolini completes the dish and it makes for a comforting and still, romantic plate of food this high up.

Chicken Roulade

The Chicken Roulade fares less favourably with me, though it is still competently done. Perhaps a touch more seasoning might just do the trick, as the taste of the foie gras is slightly lost in the mix within the roulade stuffing.

Nevertheless, the creamy potato mash displays instant class on the plate, and the madera jus is also a standout.

Berries Dome

The dessert is a fluffy and pillowy berries sponge cake which looks inviting and tastes just as so. It has that touch of airy lightness akin to Hokkaido sponge rolls and their milkiness, and the almost seductive cushiony patterns on the top gives a sense of regal dignity.

Not too sweet, the flavours nicely balanced by the berries' gentle tartness, it is certainly an easy dessert to finish and a perfect way to end the flight with.

Priced at $329++ for two, this includes the flight ticket pricing as well, and considering you are getting a 4 course fine dining dinner, it is a decent value for money proposition. A 5 course set on 24, 25, 31 December and 1 January holidays is priced at $399++.

But trust me, when you are 600 feet above ground, that view will just take your breath away. And this dinner set is a very good way to enjoy a night out with your special one.

This Christmas, it might just make the perfect festive gift and experience.

Singapore Flyer
30 Raffles Avenue

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