Thursday, November 19, 2015

Masizzim - Comforting Korean Fare in Cosy Surroundings

Masizzim is a mouthful when it comes to saying it out loud, but consider this. This recently opened Korean joint is from the folks behind Chir Chir, which has been a homerun as far Korean wings are concerned.

Very astutely, they have chosen the floorspace next to Chir Chir to open this new place. It has a modern and sparse look about it.

Nice ambient lights that does not come across as too harsh, and concrete floors with metal chairs gives it an almost industrial feel.

Foodwise, it is comforting Korean fare. DIY rice balls, stews and pancakes are all there is to it on the menu. But by keeping it trim, they manage to have an Apple like laser focus on getting each category pinned down. Which should happen more often in other eateries.

Rice Balls

The rice balls come in two flavours of tuna and anchovy. Both are equally tasty and the fun is getting your hands mixed up in it, literally. Supplied with a pair of plastic gloves, it is about interactivity and moulding the rice and its ingredients into different shapes. This will definitely put a few smiles around the table.

Korean Stews

The stews are somewhat customisable when you order them. Choose the protein ie. chicken, pork or beef, followed by either soy or spicy base (4 levels) and finally, decide on the starch. There is udon or glass noodles. Optionals include cheese or toppoki.

Personally, anything beyond spice level 2 is way too hot for me. But this will be a hook for some youngsters I wager. The soy based is actually my favourite and has good flavours, especially with the pork. It is comforting and easy going for a dish, and goes nicely with the rice balls.

Squid and Leek Pancake

There are also the Korean pancakes, and it is a mix of old school leek variants and some interesting modern twists. The cheesy one was a bit too cliche for my liking, but I really dig the squid and leek pancake.

Fried to a perfect and aromatic crisp, the crust is thoroughly enjoyable. What seals the deal here is the beautifully flavoured leeks which gives it such nice sweetness and brightness to the pancake, and the addition of squid to give it some ocean meaty flavours.

Overall, Masizzim will appeal more to the same crowd that patronises Chir Chir next door. Hence, it makes good business sense to open them side by side.

Will it be as hot as Korean wings? I doubt so, but on its own, I think it will attract its own loyal following with the straightforward but tasty food that it has on offer.

313 Orchard Road
Basement 3, next to Chir Chir
(doesn't need an actual unit number, who actually looks at that when you are looking for a joint these days?)

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